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We have built an adoption area & made it attractive & comfortable for the interested people to come & interact with there prospective four legged.

Success story of the month

Each unit has to make a monthly report of work they have done during that month. Check Out PFA Ghaziabad has done the most work during the Month.

What can you do?

Gaudaan(Sponsor a Cow)

The cow is a symbol of the Earth, the Nourisher, the evergiving, undemanding provider. Just as a liberated soul gives freely of his spiritual knowledge, so too does this gentle and generous animal who takes nothing more than water, grass, and grain gives unstintingly all through her life. The cow is vital to life and sustenance. Apart from milk she also helps in agriculture and is therefore a saviour to millions of farmers..She is symbol of grace and abundance and embodies the virtue of gentle selflessness.

Everyday our teams rescue cows from illegal slaughter,traffiking and abuse .These cows are brought to the shelter for further care and treatment ,some barely able to stand . The hospital remains open 24x7 and responds to round-the-clock emergencies. We have an efficient staff of cattle handlers and a Vet to deal with such situations. The cattle that we receive remain with us for life – protected and cared for. They are neither milked nor burdened, simply allowed to live out their natural lives free of pain, fear and exploitation, just as nature intended.

Your sponsorships could help a cow live a fulfilling life,free of disease hunger and misery.

Sponsor a Furry Friend

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to people with animal companions of how dogs are similar to human beings in so many ways .

Unfortunately India is abundant in its stray dog populationwhich leads to shortage of food healthcare facilities etc.

It is our sincere effort to improve the living conditions of dogs in the city. Regular ABC programs, vaccination drives are carried out in addition to our everyday healthcare provisions. Every day our ambulance picks up sick, injured ,diseased and infirm dogs off the streets and bring them to the shelter .It is our constant endeavor to bring back such dogs to health and find them loving families.

With your help we could provide better medical facility and food to an individual.

Leave A legacy

When you no longer need your money, use it to help animals. By including a bequest to the People For Animals (PFA) now, you will help secure lts services for animals in the future. We may come and we may go but we can ensure that PFA will always be there for animals in need. Use your Will to give animals a new lease of lile. To commemorate your generosity, PFA would be happy to name a facility after you so that your concern for animals lives on forever. PFA also helps you in understanding the process.

How to Make a Will

First of all congratulations for taking such a great leap in changing the lives of hundreds of homeless. You simply need to begin by making a list of things you wish to donate in form of a will such as your property, assets, vehicles, cash etc.

  • You may take the help of a solicitor and in presence of witnesses, you must sign the will you've written. The will must also be signed by the witnesses.
  • The original copy of the will can be kept in your Solicitor custody.
  • This is not a legal advice or shall not be used for legal purposes.
  • To know further. how to change your will in case of marriage, remarriage etc. feel free to contact us.
  • You may also suggest how your will should be used and for what purposes.

You are the strength, it’s the efforts and power of the masses that fuels the change, we need you to speak for the animals and support their care, treatment and rehabilitation in whatever way you can.There are two things which we always desperately need, adoptees and donations (both in kind as well as cash).

You can help and support us in the following ways:

  • Feed and keep an eye on street dogs, cows or bulls.
  • Keep water for birds during summers and a handful of grain in the balcony.
  • Go vegan. Animals are living beings and not resources
  • Adopt Indian (desi) dogs and cats and make them your family
  • Be a Guardian to all the animals in your area
  • Raise donations for this noble cause.
If you want to be part of our team, you are always welcome. You can do the following:-

Become A Member

Rs.1, 000 for 1 year Membership + PFA T-Shirt Become a
volunteer.To become a volunteer fill the following form.

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Adopt (Don’t Shop)

They Teach Kids Values

With a pet in the house, even the youngest toddler can pick up a few pointers about responsibility.

They Boost Self-Esteem

There’s research showing that kids with family pets have higher self-esteem.

They’re Good for Everyone’s Health

Experts say that children who grow up with pets are less likely to develop common allergies.

Donate (What to Donate)


hospitals and animal care homes require money for their smooth running while our staff works for a lot less salaries.

Medicines and Vaccines

Always needed, your medicines can save many lives, please do discuss what medicines are needed before you donate.


Food (Rice, Dalia, Soya Nuggets, Pedigree, green grass, vegetables)

What we do ?